Total Depravity Blend: Because Men Love the Dark-Roast (16 ounces - Whole Bean)


One taste of this boldly roasted brew will have you exclaiming Matthew 6:23c, " great is the darkness!"

We start with mouth watering Brazilian beans, combined with some of the finest single-source Costa Rican and Sumatran beans; making this blend a triumph of balanced flavor and bold strength.

Modern coffee chains mix beans from many different fields across entire growing regions, and... to be frank... char the hell out of them... making them taste like a "cage stage" reformer: acrid & bitter.  It's horrific to take such a beautiful bean and, through fire & brimstone roasting, make it taste like you just licked an over-used grill.

In fact, that's where the term "French Roast" came from... the French were more concerned with certain gastrointestinal effects of coffee.  They took the 16th century professor Bernard Paludanus at his word when he described coffee as having the power to "breaketh wind and openeth any stopping." 

So while most French despised the flavor of coffee, they took Robusta beans (the quite inferior, poor tasting, and mildly retarded cousins of the delicious Arabica beans) and nearly incinerated the poor things.  What remained was a bunch of carbon (absorbs the gastric nasties) and some oil ( a helpful laxative) with the acrid flavor of burnt toaster scrapings.

We strive for something a little more... elegant... a more refined flavor - a dark roasting, just past the second crack - that gives you the bold flavor, that gentle touch of smoke, but still allows the sweet subtleties of the bean to be displayed. 

This method of refined roasting allows the delicious oils of to mix, mingle and intertwine, giving you the epitome of flavor, without the char.

If you don't like it, send it back...

I'll drink it.


I GUARANTEE you will LOVE the Total Depravity Blend... If you don't absolutely love it, simply email me - - and I'll refund your money immediately. 

Simple as that.