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"God grew it, you brew it."

This very fine full bodied coffee is your reward for faithfully doing the work and brewing the coffee yourself. Extremely rich in flavor and smooth on the palate, nothing is better than enjoying God's blessing of creation through the modern technology of a coffee machine.

Thomas Watson 1620-1686, was a major Puritan figure who’s writing still encourages and challenges Christians today. His life and ministry, one of highs  and lows, imprisonment, and fame was used by God to great effect. One of Watson’s most popular works is “A Body of Divinity”, published in 1692, it is a book full of insights on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Other great works by Watson include “Heaven Taken by Storm”, published in 1669, which is a very practical guide to Christian living in this fallen world. Lastly “The Art of Divine Contentment” teaches Christians the value of striving to be content in whatever state they find themselves in. Having been imprisoned for his faith, Watson offers valuable insight.

Gluten NO
Origin Indonesia
Organic NO
Roast Dark
Source Single Origin