So you would like to have your questions answered about our brand? Well, we know Reformed folk are very studious and dig deep for answers, so you have come to the right place!

Bulk Discounts: Mix and match any combination of our roasts and get bulk discounts right in your cart! This is great for conferences, conventions, or even for your home church! Learn about our Bulk Discount program here.

Gluten: All of our Roasts are gluten free!

International Shipping: No, we do not ship internationally.

K-Cups: We would love to offer K-Cups, however that does present a few challenges. It would cost more than our current roasts do as our roaster would have to add more processes to get the coffee to market, as such grinding and additional packaging. This would also, once ground, cause the beans to lose flavor faster. The coffee wouldn’t last as long as it does now. We are looking into this, but don’t have solutions yet for offering this in our store.

Single-Source: Some of our Roasts are single source, others are custom mixes. The product descriptions will let you know which are which!

Where are they roasted and shipped from? All of our Roasts are roasted and shipped from a fully licensed facility in the USA.

Why is shipping so high? Each Calvinated Roast is a full pound. USPS requires anything 16 ounces or more to be shipped priority, so we are limited by the postal service as to what shipping options we have. We also do not mark up the shipping costs for our products. We do not try to make any hidden profits on charging more for shipping, the rate you are charged for Priority shipping is direct from USPS. We offer a free bag of coffee when any combination of 5 bags of coffee or ceramic mugs are ordered, use Promo Code TULIP to receive your 6th item free. You must have a total of 6 items in your cart for the discount to be applied.

Lost Packages: Our policy for packages that are lost or appear lost is before we send out your order again we wait for 30 days from the initial date of shipment. This is due to the fact that in many cases we have found that the package arrives and the customer then receives multiples of their order while only having paid for one. One customer ended up with three of the same T-Shirt as we sent out a new one each time they told us their package seemed to be "lost", all within a 21 day period. In an effort to prevent customers from receiving unwanted duplicates of their order and keep costs down as a small business, we have implemented the 30 day lost package policy. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.