About Reformed Roasters

My name is Will Singleterry... I'm a recovering Immunologist, marketing consultant and general layabout... while I'm supposedly in charge around here, there are a few things you should know.

First - I suffer from a very serious drinking problem.

Yep... that's five cups of coffee, one thermos, two bottles of antibiotics, a container of mixed nuts, and a copy of Peter Drucker's The Effective Executive... ALL of which, I highly recommend.

It may be a coffee drinking problem - but it's still a problem. Four to five cups is a light day.  And the sheer volume of coffee I usually drink has started to produce some other problems.

No...not my kidney's... those are fine... I think.

I've struggled to find amazing coffee that actually supports something that God loves.

Much of the coffee I've tried has made me feel like the monkey in the picture... ready to blow chunks.

I tried single origin, blends and all the major chains, but there've just been very few coffees that I LOVED.  I'm talking about coffee that makes you say, "WOW."  Sure - I can drink any coffee for a quick caffeine fix, but I wanted something more...

Or when I could find amazing coffee, it would often be supporting causes I don't care about... or worse... I'd find amazing coffee supporting issues that are directly offensive to God.

That's when the idea for Reformed Roasters began to form in the backward part of my brain.  It was absolutely insane, but I couldn't get the thought out of my head... so, with my wife's kindness and forbearance, I decided to run with it.

I wanted amazing coffee that supports a Christ-honoring cause, and here we are.

We do our roasting just a little south of Memphis, TN and do our best to ship the same day you order... and...

Twenty percent of our bottom-line goes directly to Paul Washer's Heart Cry Missionary Society.

I'm here to serve you in anyway I can... that may look mostly like FANTASTIC coffee with tongue-in-cheek puns.

However, if there's anything else I can do for you... Hit me up!

In Christ,

Will Singleterry


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