Why order from us?

We understand the price concern that some have expressed for our coffee and mugs, and we would like to humbly explain why you should choose us when buying your coffee instead of major name brands in the grocery stores.

First we want to say that anybody can spend their money with major brands support them, that is totally okay and we won’t hold that against anybody at all. We understand if you feel our price point is too high.

However, we would like to humbly point out something for your consideration when buying your coffee. These other major coffee companies, with the money you give them when you buy their coffee, often spend on it on donations to anti-Christian politicians who try to enact laws to strip away our Christian freedoms or promote causes antithetical to our faith under the guise of “diversity” and “equality”.

These actions reveal a hatred for God and disdain for your Christian values. Some of these coffee funded politicians are actively seeking to take away religious freedoms you have right now though legislation like the Equality Act that is now in Congress.

We recognize our coffee is priced a little higher than theirs, the reason why is they are global companies with buying power we will never attain. This enables them to negotiate very cheap rates and order massive amounts though bulk distributors.

We are a small husband and wife company who shares your Christian values and we support causes and organizations through the proceeds of this company that would build up the faith, not tear it down. You learn who we donate our money to here. While we can’t get coffee at such low rates as the major name brands, we can tell you that we stand with our brothers and sisters in the Lord, and should the Lord continue to grow our company, our ability to support Biblical causes will only grow.

We also do not mark up the shipping costs for our products. We actually internally mark down our shipping costs and take a $1.50 loss on every order that is shipped out. We do not try to make any hidden profits on charging more for shipping, the rate you are charged for Priority shipping is direct from USPS and marked down.

So you have a choice to make when it comes to where will you spend your money for coffee. We humbly ask that you consider us and the unintended consequences of buying coffee through secular companies.

In Christ,

Nick & Cami