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End Abortion Now began as a local outreach ministry of Apologia Church in Arizona. It is the result of Christians who began to realize they could do more to impact the area of abortion than merely voting “Pro-Life.” They commenced ministering at their local abortion clinics, proclaiming the Gospel to men and women, as well as offering to serve abortion-bound mothers as they plead for life from the public sidewalks.

The fruit that came from this was staggering as we watched the Lord turn the hearts of young women and men to spare the lives of their children as a number of babies were saved from death. We reported on this ministry using our established media presence. It was our hope to bless other churches by showing them that it was possible to approach this issue as believers and implement this ministry within their own local churches. EAN was born out of a need for believers to be equipped in bringing the Gospel into the context of abortion. Hundreds of local churches in the United States have partnered with EAN to receive training and materials (completely free) to address the issue of abortion at clinics, in the public square via media, and before their local legislatures.

The message of End Abortion Now has spread to Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more, as Christians are being raised up to combat this great evil of our day. We exist to bring an explicitly Christian approach to bear on the issue of abortion. Our conviction is that abortion is a Gospel issue, not merely a political issue. It is an inherently religious issue because all of life is religion. This is about teaching all nations to obey all that Christ has commanded. It is impossible to accurately define the issues of life and justice apart from this truth. Unlike the modern day Pro-Life movement, the foundation of our belief rests on the authority of the Bible, which defines murder as a problem of sinful hearts in need of being transformed by the power of God through the proclamation of the Gospel. Furthermore, the Church must once again exercise its prophetic voice to call upon local legislatures to give equal protection to babies in the womb.

We believe it is the responsibility of the Church to fight abortion as Christians who stand on the Word of God. It is our humble assertion that the modern day Pro-Life movement has failed to end abortion because they have abandoned this sure foundation in exchange for Catholic tradition, secular dogma, and humanistic pragmatism. They have elected to fight on the basis of neutrality rather than Scripture. This has had major implications for how we see, treat and legislate against abortion. The heartbeat of End Abortion Now is to proclaim the Good News of forgiveness and salvation, to help mothers and fathers considering abortion, and to see that equal justice is established for all pre-born children through righteous legislation that criminalizes the act.

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