Irresistible Grace

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Type: Ground
Size: 2oz

"With a silky body and lingering notes of chocolate on the finish, this Mocha/Java blend puts your will in bondage as it draws you... irresistibly... into it's caffeinated embrace."
Gluten NO
Origin Ethiopian, Sumatan
Organic NO
Roast Medium
Source Multi-Source


The Mocha/Java blend is perhaps the first of the coffee blends, and it has a rich history that follows the actual path of global coffee expansion.

Ethiopia, as we've already discussed with Limited Atonement, is the origin country for all our current coffees; so how did a bean that started in Africa become a Middle Eastern (Arabian) phenomenon for hundreds of years?

The answer lies in Mocha.

Yes... Mocha... and no... I don't mean the tasty chocolatey flavoring.

Mocha is actually the name of the port in Yemen through which coffee was transported into Yemen, and the traders from the Turkish empire also exported coffee beans to the rest of Arabia through that very port.  The name "Mocha" simply stuck as name for coffee from the region.

The secret of growing coffee was an Arabian (i.e., Muslim) mystery for a LONG time, until a Sufi monk smuggled a few beans into India.  From there, the Dutch were able to smuggle trees onto the islands of Ceylon, Java and Sumatra; and the powerhouse production of coffee from the Dutch East Indies had begun.

In the 1700's, Mocha and Java were the dominant regions for coffee growth; and they've simply become part of the coffee lexicon as the centuries have passed.

The East Indies coffees, known collectively as Java, were a bold and heavy bodied coffee; and the Dutch government would actually store the green coffee beans in warehouses for years.  Now, it was probably more to control the price more than a desire to age beans, but the ageing process enhanced these heavy bodied coffees, such that the flavor of "Old Government Java" was highly prized.

And that's the heritage we're after with Irresistible Grace.  A rich, full bodied coffee that takes you on a grace filled and irresistible trip through the centuries... each and every morning.

A delightfully floral and earthy Ethiopian combined with bold and chocolatey Sumatra, this full city roast melts with the rich flavor across your tongue.  We just 'COULDN'T RESIST' the pull to roast this blend especially for you.

I have no doubt you'll be blown away by the taste of efficacious grace... 

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Shoop
Most excellent coffee. Very blessed

Most excellent coffee. Very blessed and I love sharing the reformed faith through this awesome product.

Michael Gaudiosi
Excellent Coffee!

This coffee is so good! I love the TULIP roasts! If you haven’t tried Reformed Roasters coffee yet then I would highly recommend you give them a try!

Gregory Dague
Always Delightful

A truly irresistible experience to uplift my morning.

Callie Boyer

I love the coffee and the whole idea of this brand! I ordered whole bean coffee but got ground, however. It's not a huge deal as I can still use it, but that's the only reason it's 4/5 rather than 5/5

Penny Cauley
Best coffee in the world!!

How could anyone not want to start their morning off reading God's word and drinking Irresistible Grace? I wouldn't know because I love this coffee!!!