Luther’s Indulgence (1lb - Ground)

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Available from: Oct 7-Nov 30

"So focused was Luther on the corruption of Rome, he never noticed
His ever growing vice, a fresh hot cup of Pumpkin Spice."

Gluten NO
Origin Rome's failure to adhere to Sola Scriptura
Organic NO
Roast Light
Source Multi-Source


In the Fall of 1517, one Augustinian (Not to be confused with Arminian) trained Monk named Martin Luther had his fill of Rome’s heretical teachings.... Martin thought it best to make a post on the Pope’s church door in Wittenberg, Germany! 

He wanted to start a friendly collegiate debate about issues within the Church that he saw were departures from the Word of God.... His post of 95 topics for debate is what is recognized as the start of the Protestant Reformation.

Looked back upon as a hero for standing up to Catholic Church knowing that his actions would certainly lead to execution, Luther was not without his faults!

We can’t help but wonder if Luther, Erasmus and Pope Leo had access to our Calvinated Pumpkin Spice, would they have been able to better resolve the theological issues of their day? Would Zwingli and Luther been able to agree at the Marburg Colloquy?

Reformed folk today have no excuse to be snared by avarice and vice, when they can partake of this divinely roasted Pumpkin Spice!