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"Flavorful undertones so complex, nobody can understand them."

Know as a very prolific and complex writer which requires effort to discern and follow his thoughts, what better Puritan than Owen to represent this manifold roast. This roast is very smooth, yet sweet with a medium body.

John Owen 1616-1683, was an academic administrator at Oxford University and is one of the most famous Puritans of all time. Owens’ contributions to Reformed theology, specifically Limited Atonement, cannot be overstated. His  writings are complex and challenging to read, but are well worth the effort.  One of the best works ever penned on the atonement is “The Death of  Death in the Death of Christ” published in 1647. Owen is also known for “The Mortification of Sin” which is an extremely edifying book on the
putting to death of that “old man”, that lingering sin nature, and living a holy life. Both book are masterful works on their respective subjects.

Gluten NO
Origin Espresso
Organic NO
Roast Medium
Source Multi-origin