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"Start your day with the Holy Ghost and a delightful roast."

His mercies are new each morning and so is your coffee. This light and fresh roast is a perfect fusion of complex African, earthy Indonesian, and rich Central American coffees. This unique roast will invigorate you unto good works to the glory of God. 

William Perkins 1558-1602, was a very important Puritan and a Cambridge trained theologian. He is regarded as one of the foremost leaders in the Puritan movement during the Elizabethan era. Some have gone as far as to call him the  architect” of the movement. While Lecturer of St Andrew the Great at  Cambridge, Perkins had pupils who would go on to be very important Puritans, among them were Aimes, Goodwin, Hooker, Sibbes and Cotton.  Perkins wrote over forty works, many of these were published after his death. He was a strong advocate for Reformed Theology and the Five Solas, specifically Solus Christus and Sola Scriptura. One of his best known works is “The Arte of Prophesying” published in Latin in 1592 and English in 1606 which provides basic guidance on how to interpret and use the Bible.

Gluten NO
Origin Africa, Indonesia and Central America
Organic NO
Roast Light - Espresso 
Source Multi-origin