Perseverance of the Saints

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Type: Ground
Size: 2oz

The lovely medium-roast beverage that sobered Europe is now available to keep you from stumbling... out the door.

Gluten NO
Origin Brazilian, Costa Rica, Ethiopian
Organic NO
Roast Medium
Source Multi-Source


What did you have for breakfast?  How bout 3-4 stout ales? Or beer mixed with eggs and poured over bread?

Before 1700, the average European was drinking what amounts to a 12 pack of high gravity beer... everyday.  This may sound appealing at first... but just try it and see how your day goes. 

The same goes for your wife and children.

This general fog of alcoholism was pretty much the state of things until coffee came rampaging into London around 1650, and to the rest of Europe within a century.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the European Renaissance and dare I say, Puritan thought, were coming to a fever pitch in Europe at the same time coffee houses were springing up.  When our forebears stopped drinking beer soup and wine for breakfast, it's astounding what they accomplished: from the Coffee Cantata (Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht - translates roughly: Be still, stop chattering) to the Parisian cafe plotting for the French Revolution...

The proliferation of the coffee house engaged the European mind and stirred his creativity in ways seemingly unimaginable (Not saying the French Revolution was a good thing - Just a fact!).

And now it's your turn to put down your breakfast beer and wine, and enjoy Your Daily Great Awakening.

We use an aromatic Brazilian bean as the base for this blend, and add it to our lively Ethiopian, and finally join them with the crisp snap of flavor you get from a perfectly roasted Costa Rica bean.  This medium roast has a flavorful hint of smokiness that mixes well with creamer or milk... if you like that sort of thing.

Our methods are a secret, but what I can reveal is the difference in the roasting. 

Though blended, it has a general medium roast, and we don't want to go too dark because the caffeine degrades the longer the beans are roasted, so we've formulated this blend for maximal flavor and supreme energy.

So... my brethren... highly flavored of the Lord... when's the last time a cup of coffee knocked your jaw to the floor with flavorful delight?  

Persevere through the morning as Reformed Roasters helps wipe the sleep from your eyes.

Customer Reviews

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Jamie Baldemor

Love this coffee and all the reformers :heart:️

Mary Williams
You must Persevere

This is my second or third order of Perseverance of the saints coffee.
I like my coffee strong but not Total Depravity strong, even though I enjoyed that as well. This makes a strong smooth cup of coffee, not bitter. I combine decaf with this as I’m trying to cut down on caffeine at night and it works great! Great coffee!

Alice Hanson
We love our reformed coffee!

We love our reformed coffee!

John Boswell
My favorite so far! Love

My favorite so far! Love it

Penny Cauley
Best coffee ever!

We order all of the TULIP coffees and love them equally