TULIP Sample Pack

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Type: Ground

This astounding selection of blends and single origins will leave you rejoicing each morning.  Your coffee should raise the prostrate, strengthen the weak and refresh the weary... and this selection does exactly that... with the subtle yet pervasive aromas of TULIP.

Customer Reviews

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Hank Belfield
A Foreordained Good Cup of Coffee

I tried the TULIP sample pack as a starter and have enjoyed every roast I’ve tried so far. Great gift idea for all your Reformed friends, and the Arminian ones too. Highly recommended.

Jessica Douglas
Great sampler pack!

I ordered the sampler pack because I thought the advertising was great. I have enjoyed trying all the flavors and definitely will order more in the future.

Wonderful Coffee!

Really nice coffee and awesome packaging! Love it all! And we also love that the proceeds go to the support of the Abolition of abortion!! Praise God!!

Jonathan Hodges
Great product! Interesting marketing strategy.

I first thought that this was a joke or a meme but quickly found out that this was for real. I love the play off the 5 points, even though I’m not technically reformed by my denominational affiliation.. I do find reformed theology quite interesting. I also appreciate the gospel message that the owners shared on their website. It’s great coffee too, not just a novelty. I will be ordering again!

Matt in NH
Great marketing and good coffee

I bought the sample pack just for the marketing and was surprised that the coffee was actually good. Unconditional election was the bomb.