Unconditional Election

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Type: Ground
Size: 2oz

"A delectable single origin, this Organic Peruvian bean was chosen before the foundation of the world to become your morning brew, but only in the present time has it been roasted to make your caffeination sure."

Gluten NO
Origin Peruvian
Organic YES
Roast Medium
Source Single Source


It's a strange thing to be directly empowered and strengthened by something, and all the while denying its very impact on you.

Take, the Doctrine of Election, for example.

You can be chosen by God from eternity past, justified, sanctified and eventually glorified, and all the while totally denying the sovereign act of God that marked you out for that very fate. 

I suppose John Wesley would be a prime example of this.

But… would you believe there are folks who do the same thing with coffee?

These men would denounce the evils of coffee and call it the greatest physical evil imaginable, attributing to it the worst diseases known to man… while making themselves great wealth at the same time.

And all the while, they’re secretly (or not so secretly) enjoying the deliciously stimulating benefits that coffee provides.

In the 1890's many folks thought coffee caused everything from arteriosclerosis, Bright’s disease, heart failure, apoplexy and premature old age.

C.W. Post, who founded what you now know as Post Cereals, Post Holdings, etc, was actually a resident of a fashionable and upscale sanitarium for those with 'shot nerves'.  Here he noticed the head physician served a coffee substitute made of roasted grains and molasses.

Post believed this coffee substitute helped heal him of his indigestion and nervous disorder, and he immediately saw the market for such a product of his own.  So created his own coffee substitute known as Postum, and along with his cereal Grape-Nuts, catapulted himself to millionaire status within only a few years.

His ads were angry, even vindictive toward coffee – accusing them off everything from neuralgia and blindness to simple indigestion.

Here's one of my favorites:

"Are you often cranky, irritable – easily upset?  Do you fly off the handle for no reason at all? Your trouble may be ‘coffee nerves’!

Now this may have made for good advertising, but our dear C.W. Post didn’t actually believe it. 

His daughter later said that every morning, Post would come down stairs for breakfast, he would start his day with a cup of coffee. He was even bold enough to drink that devil coffee in public where reporters would openly rebuke the hypocrisy.

And he was far from alone...

Another critic of that ‘drug drink’ coffee was Dr. Harvey Wiley who was famous for his quote, “I would not give my child coffee or tea anymore than I would give him poison.”

But when pressed on the question as to whether he drank coffee or not, he said:

"I know it does not do me any good; I know it's harmful, that it makes many dyspeptics, and many other nervous wrecks by the hundreds of thousands, yet I sit down every morning and drink my coffee.  I like it."

You can argue with words, but you can't deny the deliciously invigorating power that's found in a great cup of coffee. 

Now it's your turn to celebrate every day with a mongergistic morning.  Your heart will be pulled to relish this medium roasted, bright and slightly sweet cup of single origin, high-altitude Peruvian. 

Certified organic of course... this is a special selection after all.  ;)



Customer Reviews

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RJ Moebius
Unconditionally good

I prefer a darker roast usually but am the only one I guess, my church family prefers this one so i guess numbers win. Smooth, almost sweet flavor. This one is worth being chosen.


I'm thankful that this coffee chose me. It is very smooth and makes a great cup of coffee.


I'm thankful that this coffee chose me. It is very smooth and makes a great cup of coffee.

Penny Cauley
Best coffee in the world!

If you haven't tried this coffee, order it now. Then you can truly understand unconditional election.

John Creech
Will buy again!

This coffee was really good, so good my parents enjoyed it and want to order some. Thank you!