Does God LIKE me?

Does Christ love me... or just the reflection of Himself He sees in me?

We Calvinists are often accused of being a curmudgeonly, joyless bunch... and some of us are... I think it's often because of how we think God looks at us.

How do you think God looks at you? Is it with the sighing forbearance and resentment of an angry, frustrated father?

My wife and I've talked about this through the years..

"Does God even like me?"

And for quite a while, I couldn't even give her an answer I truly believed, because I wasn't really even sure myself.

How does God love us as a people?

I don't remember exactly where in John I had the obvious epiphany, but it was the simple idea that...

God loves us exactly as He loves Jesus - we are brothers/sister - joint-heirs.. not barely tolerated in-laws.

His banner over us is love... How does the Father view the prodigal son?

There is a real warmth, a genuine love and affection towards us from God...

Christ not only loves you, He likes you.

And as always, thank you for your support of Let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you.

In Christ,


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